Article Attribution: This is an excerpt from an article on Bain & Company
Original Author: Julie Coffman & Russ Hagey – Posted October 18, 2010

Challenging times make most jobs more challenging. As companies reduce head count, surviving employees take up the slack. They shoulder more responsibility, work longer hours and travel more.

When the economy picks up, attrition rates spike as employees act on pent-up frustrations and look for opportunities at other companies. In the constant war for talent-and especially when businesses start to grow again-flexible jobs can be a powerful tool to attract and retain top talent.

When done right, flex jobs—defined as jobs that allow employees to contribute their skills outside the standard workweek—offer several benefits. They appeal to burned-out employees who are seeking sustainability. They allow employees, particularly women, to stay engaged and continue to advance during periods when they confront dilemmas such as caring for children or aging parents and managing 60-hour work weeks or extensive travel.

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