Answers to our most asked questions

Mobius Systems®

A: Not at all. Although the concept of having a “reserve” of available nurses is similar, that is the only similarity. In our program, the work rules for participants are well above those standards of the typical “pools,” and participants are incented differently. Also, by raising the bar on performance, fostering availability and consistent work patterns, and offering participants more control over their use of competencies, shifts and days worked, Mobius Systems’ outcomes far out-perform traditional float pools. Additionally, we help your management establish Rules of Engagement that ensure the most effective utilization of participants’ competencies, while creating a level playing field of how flexible talent is utilized across your entire health system.

Flexible workforce participants are all YOUR employees.  There are no contracting or fee-for-hire programs involved.

Yes.  Our clients range in size and complexity to include small community and rural facilities, as well as academic, metropolitan and large, multi-campus health systems.

Never.  Each program is designed around a client’s specific situation and needs.  The beauty of Mobius Systems is our collaborative and targeted method to strategically develop a program that provides a sustainable resolution unique to your situation.  We continuously accomplish feats related to attracting specialty talent, staffing alignment to census needs, patient safety/satisfaction and management/employee engagement.

There are numerous employee dissatisfiers that this program confronts, including forced overtime, lack of engagement with the direct manager, forced floating, scheduling unpredictability, economic insecurity, consistent increases in workload, extended shifts and pay.  Ninety-one percent of voluntary attrition in healthcare is attributed to these causes.

By creating a work method that addresses the needs that numerous value systems present (for managers and employees), you strengthen your productivity, engagement, workforce adaptability and retention outcomes.  Additionally, sixty-one percent of the multi-generational workforce considers work flexibility first before accepting an employment opportunity.

Mobius Systems is effective for all employee groups and does not need to be limited to nurses. However, since nursing is the most costly labor expense, coupled with the time and complexity to recruit, it makes sense to start with nurses.

The final result is scalable, ample staffing in the areas you need, when you need it.  You get a dedicated group of professionals who are willing to work a particular way to satisfy YOUR needs, instead of a group of professionals who work when they feel like working.  Furthermore, costs associated with premium pay, agency dependency and attrition are reduced rapidly and consistently.

Pricing is primarily determined by the complexity of your situation and/or the goals you wish to accomplish.  It can also depend on how involved you wish us to be during and after implementation. Our clients have found the price is significantly less than the use of 10 contract agency staff members.  Most clients find that the cost of implementing Mobius Systems is returned to them in less than one quarter in savings.  Clients have saved between $1M – $2M+ in their first year of operations.

Our strategists have over 100 years of collective, highly successful healthcare staffing experience.  We are well educated on key components necessary for motivation and productivity, use of systems, tools, terminology and the skills required by the healthcare industry.

Yes. It can be designed to serve free-standing clinics and surgery centers, skilled nursing centers, correctional institutions, and has also been effective with airlines, hospitality, information technology, manufacturing and other industries that could benefit from appropriately aligning their staff with business needs.

The program is never considered complete without your satisfaction.  Because of our collaborative approach, you and your team will have numerous opportunities to review and modify the program before finalization. On average, it takes approximately 3-4 work weeks for discovery, recommendations, design and finalization.  You also have the option to keep us engaged during and after rollout. And of course, we are always available to clients should components of the program present issues.

Managed Services Program

Not at all!  At Convergence we partner with approximately 200 healthcare recruiters, but you can add your favored recruiters to the network at your discretion.  Together with our Gold Seal from the Joint Commission, we handle their compliance and ensure that your liability is contained.

The Convergence Vendor Management Software notifies your hiring authority when candidates are submitted, they interview based on your time table; and, in less than three clicks, you can hire or decline a candidate.  Furthermore, the software prioritizes candidates based on qualifications, enabling you to target the best candidates first.  Everything else, from opening/closing job orders, broadcasting your open and closed orders to all participating agencies, pre-screening candidates and ensuring required credentials are handled by Convergence and the VMS.

Not quite.

Although many have unique features, the Convergence VMS requires minimum effort from our clients and streamlines the administrative process by 60%.  By filling your job openings 60% faster, you have more time to reinvest in residents, patients, staff, families and other activities directly related to increased revenues and patient satisfaction.

There are many negotiating points through an MSP provider.

One of those points are conversions from contract to full-time status.  Should a contract employee wish to stay full-time, conditions exist to acquire the contractor as a full-time employee. Also, “right-sizing” your contingent staff means less stress on your core employees – less stress equals less burnout, and more time for them to devote to their primary healthcare tasks.

Securing the best nurse to patient ratio increases patient outcome and deters employee burnout.  The right staff at the right time is at your command.

Absolutely not.  In fact, costs are typically reduced between 5% – 15% with our MSP.

Because all labor and bill rates are negotiated and standardized between participating suppliers, client companies experience simplified budgeting. And, because we deliver one itemized invoice for all travelers, administration is simplified and mistakes are contained.

“An extremely collaborative process where the outcome far exceeds the expectation. In our first attempt (over a single weekend), we hired over 20 RN’s – all with the skills we needed but previously could not attract.”

~ S.V., HR Manager, multi-campus facility

“The innovation and knowledge base of flexible staffing provided by this group is outstanding. I highly recommend.”

– S.V., HR Manager, multi-campus facility

“Our organization found Convergence assessments and recommendations to be both educational and innovative, focusing on staffing practices that most Healthcare organizations have not yet discovered.”

~ J.C., Chief Human Resource Officer

“The Convergence engagement was excellent for our facility.  Their Strategists are approachable and collaborative. They were well received by both management and staff. They are a highly innovative organization dedicated to best staffing practices.”

~ J. R., Manager/Resource Office

“Convergence’s acumen is on target, their recommendations were resourceful and widely accepted by management and staff across our numerous campus enterprise. Savings exceeded $2M our first year of employing their staffing methods, and we continue to fill our vacant shifts in house, with flexible participants who are our own employees.”

~ M.N., Medical Staff HR Office

“Convergence provided several options to consider when approaching various challenges unique to our organization – all successful. We are now accomplishing in-house vacant shift fulfillment and cost reductions simultaneously as a result.”

~ J. R., Manager/Resource Office

“Convergence is expert at building flexible talent workforces.  Their on-site visit was very thorough, and they were well received by a highly diverse cadre of Executives, Managers and other leaders.”

~ T.H., Administrator, Nursing Business Operations

“Our organization worked with Convergence and found their strategists to be detailed and highly educated with staffing alternatives well beyond our previous staffing knowledge.”

~ S.O., VP Operations

“Through Convergence’s innovation, our University-based health system now possesses a direct and sustainable path to economically fill our talent needs through clinical expertise and by volume. Their methods produce bottom-line results quickly.”

~ T.H., Administrator, Nursing Business Operations

“Convergence methods were tailored to fit our culture and are highly successful. In addition, their program also produced a quick ROI. Exceptional financial and staffing results!”

~ S.O., VP Operations

“Both the flexible employees and management are more engaged and more accountable for desired outcomes. Convergence delivered on their value proposition beyond expectation. I highly recommend them.”

~ J.C., Chief Human Resource Officer

“Since implementing our flexible workforce program, we staff approximately 38,000 hours of unexpected shift vacancies using our own talent resources each schedule period.  We have also increased our number of flexible workforce participants over 100% since our roll out.”

~ D.P., Director of Talent Acquisition

“Our healthcare organization worked with Convergence on a potential new offering to our hospital members. We found their strategists to be methodical, highly educated with staffing alternatives and innovative well beyond our previous staffing knowledge.”

~ S.O., Director, State Hospital Association

“Convergence methods have produced exceptional results for our organization. Their methods are highly successful and also produced a quick ROI. I highly recommend Convergence to any organization that is seeking assistance with talent acquisition issues, innovative staffing methods to secure/retain talent and talent/staffing-related training programs.”

~ S.O., Director, State Hospital Association

“Since implementing the Mobius Systems methodology, this has resulted in well over $1M in savings. Convergence delivers on providing an excellent service, and I highly recommend them to organizations looking to crack the healthcare staffing code.”

~ D.P., Director of Talent Acquisition