A Managed Service Provider program that will “right-size” your contingent workforce with ease and transparency while providing up to 60% quicker fill rate, better quality of hires, increased employee retention, reduced risk, and ensured compliance. One call to Convergence does it all!


Change in the scope and/or scale of operations?

Need to expand geographic footprint? Security or privacy concerns?

Need to increase the range or level of service to meet customer demand?


Enables your organization the ability to focus on its core competencies and mission-critical processes by providing specialized services.

Gives your organization stability and/or the potential for growth during re-organization, downsizing, or hiring freezes.

Maximizes your ability to capture and retain talent. Improves quality of patient care.

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If your organization is using a contingent workforce, a Managed Service Provider program is the most effective method to meet varying census demands while managing spending, consolidating administration, and containing risks.

Our clients gain control over time spent in staffing, workforce costs, agency usage, reporting, and liabilities. And they rest easy knowing that quality and compliance are secure because we are certified by the Joint Commission.

The Joint Commission - National Quality Approval


The Right Infrastructure

  • Ease of Budgeting
  • Simplicity of Use
  • Standardized Processes
  • Transparent and Real Time Reporting
  • Reduces Liability and Containment of Risks
  • Customized & State of the Art VMS Technology

The Right Talent

  • Reduced Burnout
  • Compliance Ensured
  • Increased Retention
  • Clinical Manager Review
  • Expanded Recruiting Base
  • Creates a Pipeline of Talent

At The Right Time

  • Improved Patient Care
  • Simplified Accounting
  • Timely and Custom Reporting
  • Restored Organizational Focus
  • 60% Faster Filling of Vacancies
  • Less Time & Money Spent with Agencies

The Convergence Vendor Managed Service software is both intuitive and easy to use. Want to see for yourself? Let us arrange a live demo.

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“An extremely collaborative process where the outcome far exceeds the expectation. In our first attempt (over a single weekend), we hired over 20 RN’s – all with the skills we needed but previously could not attract.”

~ S.V., HR Manager, multi-campus facility

“The innovation and knowledge base of flexible staffing provided by this group is outstanding. I highly recommend.”

– S.V., HR Manager, multi-campus facility

“Our organization found Convergence assessments and recommendations to be both educational and innovative, focusing on staffing practices that most Healthcare organizations have not yet discovered.”

~ J.C., Chief Human Resource Officer

“The Convergence engagement was excellent for our facility.  Their Strategists are approachable and collaborative. They were well received by both management and staff. They are a highly innovative organization dedicated to best staffing practices.”

~ J. R., Manager/Resource Office

“Convergence’s acumen is on target, their recommendations were resourceful and widely accepted by management and staff across our numerous campus enterprise. Savings exceeded $2M our first year of employing their staffing methods, and we continue to fill our vacant shifts in house, with flexible participants who are our own employees.”

~ M.N., Medical Staff HR Office

“Convergence provided several options to consider when approaching various challenges unique to our organization – all successful. We are now accomplishing in-house vacant shift fulfillment and cost reductions simultaneously as a result.”

~ J. R., Manager/Resource Office

“Convergence is expert at building flexible talent workforces.  Their on-site visit was very thorough, and they were well received by a highly diverse cadre of Executives, Managers and other leaders.”

~ T.H., Administrator, Nursing Business Operations

“Our organization worked with Convergence and found their strategists to be detailed and highly educated with staffing alternatives well beyond our previous staffing knowledge.”

~ S.O., VP Operations

“Through Convergence’s innovation, our University-based health system now possesses a direct and sustainable path to economically fill our talent needs through clinical expertise and by volume. Their methods produce bottom-line results quickly.”

~ T.H., Administrator, Nursing Business Operations

“Convergence methods were tailored to fit our culture and are highly successful. In addition, their program also produced a quick ROI. Exceptional financial and staffing results!”

~ S.O., VP Operations

“Both the flexible employees and management are more engaged and more accountable for desired outcomes. Convergence delivered on their value proposition beyond expectation. I highly recommend them.”

~ J.C., Chief Human Resource Officer

“Since implementing our flexible workforce program, we staff approximately 38,000 hours of unexpected shift vacancies using our own talent resources each schedule period.  We have also increased our number of flexible workforce participants over 100% since our roll out.”

~ D.P., Director of Talent Acquisition

“Our healthcare organization worked with Convergence on a potential new offering to our hospital members. We found their strategists to be methodical, highly educated with staffing alternatives and innovative well beyond our previous staffing knowledge.”

~ S.O., Director, State Hospital Association

“Convergence methods have produced exceptional results for our organization. Their methods are highly successful and also produced a quick ROI. I highly recommend Convergence to any organization that is seeking assistance with talent acquisition issues, innovative staffing methods to secure/retain talent and talent/staffing-related training programs.”

~ S.O., Director, State Hospital Association

“Since implementing the Mobius Systems methodology, this has resulted in well over $1M in savings. Convergence delivers on providing an excellent service, and I highly recommend them to organizations looking to crack the healthcare staffing code.”

~ D.P., Director of Talent Acquisition