Does one size fit all?

Never.  Each program is designed around a client’s specific situation and needs.  The beauty of Mobius Systems is our collaborative and targeted method to strategically develop a program that provides a sustainable resolution unique to your situation.  We continuously accomplish feats related to attracting specialty talent, staffing alignment to census needs, patient safety/satisfaction and management/employee [...]

Why would nurses be more attracted to work in a Mobius Systems® program rather than a traditional Float Pool?

There are numerous employee dissatisfiers that this program confronts, including forced overtime, lack of engagement with the direct manager, forced floating, scheduling unpredictability, economic insecurity, consistent increases in workload, extended shifts and pay.  Ninety-one percent of voluntary attrition in healthcare is attributed to these causes. By creating a work method that addresses the needs that numerous [...]

How expensive is this to design and implement?

Pricing is primarily determined by the complexity of your situation and/or the goals you wish to accomplish.  It can also depend on how involved you wish us to be during and after implementation. Our clients have found the price is significantly less than the use of 10 contract agency staff members.  Most clients find that [...]

What do you know that we don’t know?

Our strategists have over 100 years of collective, highly successful healthcare staffing experience.  We are well educated on key components necessary for motivation and productivity, use of systems, tools, terminology and the skills required by the healthcare industry.

Does this method work outside of a hospital?

Yes. It can be designed to serve free-standing clinics and surgery centers, skilled nursing centers, correctional institutions, and has also been effective with airlines, hospitality, information technology, manufacturing and other industries that could benefit from appropriately aligning their staff with business needs.