How can using a MSP help me retain Full Time Staff?

There are many negotiating points through an MSP provider. One of those points are conversions from contract to full-time status.  Should a contract employee wish to stay full-time, conditions exist to acquire the contractor as a full-time employee. Also, “right-sizing” your contingent staff means less stress on your core employees – less stress equals less [...]

Isn’t all Vendor Management Software the same?

Not quite. Although many have unique features, the Convergence VMS requires minimum effort from our clients and streamlines the administrative process by 60%.  By filling your job openings 60% faster, you have more time to reinvest in residents, patients, staff, families and other activities directly related to increased revenues and patient satisfaction.

How can more software and additional procedures reduce the amount of administrative work that I now perform?

The Convergence Vendor Management Software notifies your hiring authority when candidates are submitted, they interview based on your time table; and, in less than three clicks, you can hire or decline a candidate.  Furthermore, the software prioritizes candidates based on qualifications, enabling you to target the best candidates first.  Everything else, from opening/closing job orders, [...]